Saturday, November 1, 2008

While I was sleeping...

How surreal to me that I had posted a blog late last night entitled, Life is Short, without knowing that a precious jewel, Caroline Hartrampf, age 19, would soon thereafter rise to glory to be with the Lord she loved. I've known and loved Caroline's mother since she was 12 years old. Her grandparents are long-time friends in our church. We have rejoiced that Caroline's consistent life of commitment to the Lord was a shining witness for Christ at her school and with all who knew her. And then, in an instant on a country road, she and her boyfriend who had hoped to spend his life ministering in medicine mission work, were killed in a car wreck last night on the way home from a family wedding rehearsal dinner in Greenville, SC. Hopes and plans for their future, her special brand of joy, the smiles, hugs and sweetness--gone from our lives for eternity.

Tomorrow is not promised for you nor me nor for anyone we love. "Life," said Michael Billings, a great young man who left this life last fall also at age 19, also in a car wreck, "is but a vapor." Will we leave behind a solid, substantial testimony of unwavering faithfulness to Christ as these young people did? Or will there be enough evidence to prove we were Christians? Are we spinning spider's webs on the loom of life or leaving an inheritance of solid, substantial, faithful words and deeds for our children and, if we are blessed to live long enough, our grandchildren to hold onto after we are gone?

I urge you, dear friends, to lay aside all that encumbers you--the pursuit of all worthless things, and to press on, advancing the crown rights of King Jesus in every area of life with each breath you are given. Nothing in this life will last--no beauty, no pleasure, no earthly bauble; only what is done for the glory of Christ and the furthrance of His kingdom is worth doing.

You and I will leave a legacy. Will our legacy be that of faith and faithfulness such as Caroline left, a living testimony for the Lord so clear that, "we being dead, yet speak"? Or will those who knew us grieve because we squandered our moment in history.

We mourn with those who mourn--our hearts are broken. But Caroline would not have us grieve as those who have no hope. She would enthusiastically encourage us in Christ's strength, to be up and doing for our Lord. We must not have a faith that wavers: He Who has promised us all good things, will He not also bring it to pass?

Give us grace to believe, Lord. Grant to us a solid, solemn re-commitment to live this day, every day for Jesus until our task is done. I know Jesus welcomed Caroline with open arms, saying, "Well, done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your Lord."


Marks of Faith said...

That is really sad and very close to heart. Christopher and I just remembered the 1st year anniversary of when God saved us, and our unborn son, from what should have been a fatal 3 time roll over. We will carry the scars of that accident for the rest of our lives...they serve to remind us of God's mercy that night. May He now have mercy on their grieving families.

Lisa said...

Please give the Wages hugs for me.