Monday, October 18, 2010

How to Write Right

I hope you love to write and receive personal letters like I do. Yes, I confess to being an e-mail addict -- so many messages to so many friends and so little time! But I receive a little thrill when I see a beautiful envelope addressed to me on the front of an envelope made of special paper in lovely, even script. *Sigh* I know the writer of this epistle, although it may be short and to the point, has spent several valuable minutes of time when they could have been doing something else much more important showing me that they care about me. And, I might add, showing me that they care about the kind of impression they are making on me. That sort of letter always leaves a very good impression, regardless of the length of the message.

We could all improve our handwriting skills. What better way to do this than in letter-writing. No, you are saying, my handwriting is terrible! I have a workable solution for you. Check out this writing handbook -- it's one of many that are available online.

Of course, the ultimate handwriting is calligraphy or italic handwriting. Once again, there are many courses available from online sources. I have several of these and have toyed with them. I hope to find time to actually sit down and take the course. Then you can be sure I'll write more letters so I can practice this skillful art.

Every beautifully written letter requires two other ingredients besides skillful writing techniques: a nice pen that will easily accomodate your new skills and lovely writing paper. The pen on the left is only one of scores of pens available online, this one from Amazon. I personally use the blackest ink I can find and cream colored paper. I have personalized writing paper which is embossed with my initials. They came with personalized gift card enclosures and note cards as well. I much prefer these to the generic variety that have 'thank you' printed on the front. Although I have received many notes written on generic cards that I treasure. The words, not the materials used always carry the most meaning to your recipient. However, the materials you use as well as the care you take in writing your letter or note reflect your values and care. Just as your choice of clothing, the way you care for your belongings, and many other habits reflect deeper character traits, even so the type of papers and style of writing you use to communicate your thoughts to someone will show something about who you are.

Next post, I'll talk more about writing papers.


Kathryn said...

I love (love love love) to write and receive letters, and I adore nice papers and pens! :-) Dip pens are a lot of fun, especially when you seal the finished letter with wax...
I was wondering if at some point you could send out or email the link to where we can watch the announcements of the writing contest winners? Thanks! I am very much enjoying the course!

Elizabeth said...

Me too Kathryn! I'm sad that its almost over! :(

Simply me said...

Great post Mrs. Morecraft! I love how you are so descriptive in your writing! It makes it all the more inturesting! When I start reading your posts I can't stop, because they are so great!
I absolutely love to write letters! How you described letter writing is much like my definition of it indeed! Keep up the excellent work!
God bless!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for posting this Mrs. Morecraft! I love writing and receiving letters!!!!! I am doing your writing class, adn you said that you were going to post about how to scent your letters. Are you still going to do that?

Becky said...

Thanks so much, ladies! I love letters so mother trained us well in this wonderful art from early in life. Yes, I hope to post ideas for scented paper in a few days, probably early next week. I've just returned from San Antonio and the Film Academy & Festival and will be involved in a conference with my husband this week-end. Thanks for your patience.