Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New beginnings, sweet and bittersweet memories...

"I toss upon the waves, but Thou dost steer,
Thou Who standest at the helm of all that Thou hast made." --Augustine

Today is January 31st, at least for a few more hours here in Canton, GA. It's the last day of the first month of a shiny new year. How many memories are tucked away from 2011! Almost too overwhelming to begin listing them, so I'll just throw out a random scatter of photos from 2011.

I'm so grateful for my friends, my precious family and my memories. We've had some challenges to face in the past 12 months. But the Lord has blessed us abundantly...we are grateful. And yet, we are keenly aware of the losses and crosses others have borne in the past year far greater than ours. Give us grace, Lord. We need your mercy poured out on us in torrents, more than anything else this year.

Tornadoes swept through the South last year, destroying homes, ancient trees and taking loved ones away from us...Lord, help us to think in terms of eternity more than the moment.

2011 was a landmark year for my webinars as I held the second one and published accompanying study guides. My deep gratitude to Doug and Beall Phillips, dear friends and traveling companions, warriors for King Jesus and His kingdom.

Doug and Beall Phillips on the Seine in Paris...they are beautiful, n'est pas?
My children were patient with me during all those webinars....weren't you?

My darlin's
The summary of my webinars: Write right, right?
..writing, proofing, study guides were finally finished!!

Mercy took the photos, played the online roles, created the power points and ran the technical side...what a girl.

I love hats! More hats in 2012!!
Mrs. Morecraft's second online writing webinar used the metaphor of food--we enjoyed a "cyber tea party."

We had a visit or two from dear friends from a faraway land...Texas...sweet!

Mercy went to Kenya with the Chanceys for two months and on her way home, side-tripped to London and Paris with her sister, Anne. Her passport was stolen in Paris, so they had to stay an extra five hard to be stuck in Paris!

Notre Dame

My two Morecraft granddaughters, Izalou and Clara Hope--nothing quite like sisters.

And in May, 2012, Clara will be a big sister!! And Asa will be the big brother! John and Kim will know all about joyful chaos...

Sweet Asa


Joe and his boys

And speaking of sisters, the Scarborough girls had a momentous year with a move from Augusta to Columbus, GA, where their daddy has started a new clinic, MercyMed, ministering medicine and hope through Christ to the needy there.

More sweet Scarborough grandgirls.

...more sisters

My sweet son-in-law and his girls (couple of years ago)

All the lovely Scarboroughs in 2011--Grant, Anne, Jane, Anita, Jessie and Mary Piper

Grandson Charlie (Joseph Charles Morecraft, V) turned four this month...his baby brother is due any moment!!

We were in Edinburgh at Greyfriars Kirkyard...again...still amazing. Iona was also incredible...the weather was crisp but sunny for three whole days...we can't wait to go back!
We were also in Normany for the 67th anniversary of D-day, in Paris and London--we saw the 25th anniversary performance of "Phantom of the Opera"...and so much more!! More photos later, I hope.

I was blessed to be with the warriors...the early September...
Lindsay and Brantley got married!

Things I want to see and do more of in 2012...
... visits by friends from far-away lands like Texas...

Sing with my sister Judy ...

...see more people coming to worship at Chalcedon Presbyterian in Cumming...
Spend time with friends I love but see too little Kathy McDonald...
Go to San Blas again with my children and grandchildren...we missed it last year.
I pray my dear husband's numb hand is healed this year...please pray with me for that.

I want to read more to my grandchildren...

I want to sing! With Doug Phillips, my sister, my church choir, Joseph Bowman, my family and just sing alone to the Lord!

I want to spend more time with my wonderful parents and brothers and their families in Virginia...

Hugh and Kerry Belcher, my dear brothers

Well, I've let it slip into February...I was too caught up in the photos to watch the clock! But I'll still say one last time as I intended to in the first month of the year...may God bless each of you with a year full to the brim of joy in trusting Him in all things! Happy New Year!


Molly said...

Lovely photos.
May More hats and more time with family for 2012 be yours.

Elizabeth said...

Happy New Year to you too, Mrs. Morecraft! May God bless you and your family with a wonderful year!
~Elizabeth Lindsay

David C Brown said...

Good to see the happy families - plus a glimpse of Edinburgh: I went to school over the wall (but the churchyard was banned territory).

Grace be with you all who are in Christ.

M E said...

I've missed your blogs, so glad to see you are "back". Happy, blessed New Year to you, and I pray the Lord will grant the mercies and healing and grace you have asked of Him for this year. He is faithful!