Friday, September 24, 2010

Game Night Fun!!

Game night ideas! We play Scrabble or 'Speed Scrabble' -- do you know how that works?
My daughter-in-law, Kim, taught me how to play this several years ago. Don't play with Kim.
You will never win. Or if you do, you will live to regret it! (Just kidding!)

Speed Scrabble 'rules'
Place the tiles face down on the table, as usual.
Every player takes seven tiles.
Immediately start making words with your tiles all by yourself. You are essentially creating your own crossword puzzle.
When your tiles are all used, you say, "Take one," and you and each player may choose one more tile. This continues until all the tiles are used up. A minute or so is allowed to give each player time to try to use up all their tiles. Add up your score by counting the number value on each tile, just like with real Scrabble. Subtract the number value of any of your unused tiles from your total score. The highest score is the winning player.

Pretty obviously, if you get a high value letter and can use it twice, in two words that cross, you almost certainly will win. But if you can't use the high-scoring letters, subtracting them from your final score means you almost certainly lose. Sound fun? It is...

Eats Shoots & Leaves ... hmmm ... where should the comma go? A fun book all about punctuation.
Who says writing has to be boring!!

Here's a link to a book for young writers. I just received my copy from Amazon and it looks very helpful -- no fluff, just good instruction with lots of examples of 13 categories clearly explained "to help students correct composition problems."
A paperback book, only 67 pages long, plus the index, this is a gem.
Learning Grammar Through Writing

And here are a couple more -- let me know what you think after you purchase yours. In fact, if you will send me a review or critique, I'll post it here on my blog.
(Subject to my editing, of course!)