Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Words are all I have to steal your heart away..." Elvis

Here I sit, all alone, on the brown leather couch that faces a cathedral window in my living room, as thoughts of you fill my mind. Outside my window hardwood trees stretch to their full height, brushing low-hanging clouds in this late summer Georgia sky. As I think expectantly of your visit with me tomorrow, I anticipate, a little breathlessly, what I want to say to you. All I have are words -- will they be the right ones? Will they answer questions you've wanted to ask all week? Will they confuse or delight? All I have are words...I pray they come close enough to quenching a little of your thirst for glorious writing but that they will leave you wanting more. And herein lies the mystery of good writing -- we plunge ahead, breathlessly reading the page and turning hurriedly to the next one, anxious to know how it all turns out, but disappointed, even with a happy ending, when it's all over. We lay the book aside and run out to buy the next one. What a disappointment to discover that there are no more! Well, then...we'll just have to write the next one ourselves, only with better characters, a more complex plot and a surprise ending maybe...still working on those thoughts.

Oh, here's the link (above) to the book I mentioned to you last week. It's one of the best, written originally by E.B. White, author of Charlotte's Web.

Thanks for coming to my house on Thursday evenings! I know there were and maybe still are some technical difficulties, but, bear with us! We're working on all of it. Your comments and suggestions have been so helpful. I'm excited about 'seeing' you tomorrow at 8 p.m. Plan on staying a bit later tomorrow so we can enjoy's Mercy's Apple pie tartlets with fresh cream on top! Yummm! (Recipe to follow).

Another book I highly recommend is Writing to God's Glory, by Jill Bond. Jill's approach is fresh and highly biblical. You will find the exercises and suggestions helpful and invigorating.


Gabrielle Renee said...

Mrs. Morecraft,

I am looking forward to your class tomorrow! I enjoyed last weeks class.

I think I would like to stay for some of Mercy's Apple pie tartlets! They sounds wonderful! I had some delicious apple crisp this afternoon at a Senior's Luncheon I helped bake/serve along with some dear friends.

Love in Christ,

Tully Family said...

Mrs. Morecraft,

I just wanted to thank you for this class! My daughter, Patricia, and I are taking your course. (We attend Providence church & have actually met you back in the spring when visiting your husband's church. We were the family with all the red heads.) Patricia wants me to tell you that she enjoys grammar & particularly enjoys that part of the class, as well as learning to write poetry.

I've enjoyed the book recommendations! I wanted to let you know of a poetry book & cd that we use to help our littles memorize poetry. It is called "Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization" by Andrew Pudewa. You can find it at

Blessings! We pray for you and Mercy!

Becky said...

Hi, Gabrielle,
Thanks for your kind comments -- I'm so glad you're enjoying the class. Mercy plans to post her recipes on her web site -- the address is:

Mrs. Morecraft

Becky said...

Hi, Heather,
Thanks so much for your comments and encouragement.I'm having a great time teaching and 'musing.' I'm so thankful for all the encouragement. I really appreciate your link to the book on poetry memorization! As you may already have noticed, I put a link to the site as well as a Youtube introduction to it on my blog. I strongly encourage poetry memorization for all the reasons stated by the author.

Thanks again!
Mrs. Morecraft