Tuesday, October 14, 2008

All of Grace

Mid-October has already arrived and not a day too soon! I feel the release of tensions of every description when I look at the burnished leaves, feel the crunch of hickory nuts underfoot on my walk and breathe in the crisp, cleansing air.

October--August only crowns your place

of months significant in time and space;

for then it was my newborn cries rang shrill.

And yet, you argue, "Nay, October's still

the month to laud above your humble start."

I bow to you for he who won my heart

and reigns o'er it as king of all I do

was blessed to find beginnings then in you!

Happy birthday poem (impromptu and un-edited though it be) dedicated to my dear husband. More to come...


Dana said...

Adding you to my sidebar and looking forward to future posts,

I am your blogging buddy and sister-in Christ,


daughter of the King said...

hello mommy dearest! thought we were going to start this blog together? lol im glad u started it though. love and miss you already!!

Becky said...

Hey, dear daughter, I still want us to have a site together--this was started before I thought of ours. Love you, Mom